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        Diagnosing Herpes
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        Type-Specific Herpes Testing

        Our type-specific (HSV-1 and HSV-2) and highly-sensitive serology tests help physicians diagnose herpes infections regardless of symptoms.

        Prostate Cancer Screening
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        Screening, Diagnosis and Management

        Let us be your source to screen patients for the most commonly detected cancer in men in the U.S. We offer testing that can assist with screening, diagnosis and management of prostate cancer.

        Testing Services
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        Urologic Pathology

        Our board-certified pathologists have specialized training, are easily accessible and provide informative reports.

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        Emilie Zipagan-Azocar, MD

        Dr. Zipagan-Azocar specializes in gastrointestinal, urologic and cytopathology, and is part of our medical and scientific team. Request a consultation.