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        Molecular Diagnostics Lung Cancer

        Online Presentation: Molecular Diagnostics in Lung Cancer

        continuing medical education credit. Dr. Dan Jones reviews the genetic mutations often found in patients with lung cancer, their impact on diagnosis and treatment and appropriate use of molecular profiling in diagnosis and management.

        Tools for your patients
        MyQuest by Care360: Pictures of cell phones displaying the MyQuest health app

        See, store and share health information with MyQuest™

        Patients can get lab results on their mobile device or desktop, be prepared for an emergency with critical health information, schedule and receive medication reminders, and schedule appointments at Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Centers.

        CME Available
        senior happy couple

        Watch Diagnostic Advances in Colorectal Cancer Screening

        To leave this site and access a CME activity on colorectal cancer sponsored by, but developed independently of Quest Diagnostics:

        Kathleen A. Lynch, MD

        Kathleen A. Lynch, MD

        A member of our renowned cancer diagnostics medical team, Dr. Lynch specializes in flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry and oncology. Request a consultation.

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        Easily view and share patient information, order labs and see results, and even ePrescribe─all from your desktop, mobile phone or iPad®. When you are ready, upgrade to our certified EHR.