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        Test Menu
        Lab specimen

        Advanced Neurological Testing

        Quest Diagnostics offers a unique menu for neurologic disorders which can be helpful when determining one or more neurologic diagnoses.

        Request a Consultation
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        Clinical Experts

        We can help you select the right testing protocol and interpret laboratory results. Our team of experts is here to guide you. Request a consultation.

        Mitochondrial DNA Depletion
        Mature doctor having a discussion with a patient.

        Mitochondrial Disease Testing

        Our laboratory has added new tests that identify common mutations associated with mitochondrial DNA depletion that can cause mitochondrial disorders.

        Featured Webinar
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        Alzheimer’s Disease: An approach to genetic counseling and testing

        Jill Goldman describes the different inheritance patterns associated with Alzheimer disease (AD) and other dementias, instructs attendees on how to use key family history questions to guide genetic testing for AD and other dementias, as well as distinguishing the common genes associated with AD and frontotemporal dementia.

        New ways of thinking about Alzheimer's disease
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        AD Biomarkers

        Now available: AB42/40 ratio and Total ApoE. 

        Diagnostic Education
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        Neurology Webinars

        Gain access to educational webinars across a variety of neurological conditions.