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        Detect infection first
        Female staff showing results to patient Available exclusively from Quest, the Pre-biologic Panel can help physicians evaluate their patients for biologic therapy by screening for tuberculosis and hepatitis.
        Get comprehensive Hepatitis C testing
        Portrait of senior woman relaxing on sofa

        Hepatitis C

        From screening to drug resistance to monitoring, find all the Hepatitis C tests you need right here.

        HIV-1 Tropism Testing
        Doctor explaining prescription to senior patient


        Our HIV-1 treatment and monitoring menu offers a genotypic HIV-1 Tropism assay as part of a full array of tests for assessing antiretroviral drug resistance and selecting appropriate treatment. Get faster results and greater cost-effectiveness vs. phenotyping. Learn more

        Tools for Your Patients
        Man looking at smartphone

        More Than a Mobile App

        With MyQuest™, patients can get lab results on their mobile device or desktop, be prepared for an emergency with critical health information, schedule and receive medication reminders, and schedule appointments at Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Centers.



        Physician accessing information on computer

        Quanum Electronic Health Record (EHR)

        View and securely share patient history: lab results, prescriptions and with our certified Quanum EHR, the entire patient chart. Enjoy mobile access and ePrescribe from many devices including the iPhone and iPad.