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        Dr. Agersborg makes a presentation

        Making Virtual Pathology a Reality

        In this presentation, Dr. Agersborg provides an overview of InScape® Virtual Pathology, a service that provides pathologists with innovative and customized solutions.

        Clear the way for biologic therapy
        Female staff showing results to patient Available exclusively from Quest, the Pre-biologic Panel can help you evaluate your patients, including those with inflammatory bowel disease, for biologic therapy.
        Gluten-related Disorders
        Doctor in lab coat and doctor in scrubs review a chart.

        Gluten-related Disorders

        Quest Diagnostics provides you with the laboratory tools and educational materials to assist all physicians, especially experts on the diagnosis and management of gluten-related disorders.

        Medical Expertise
        Female employee

        Dr. Elaine Alt, MD

        Dr. Alt is part of our Quest Diagnostics medical and scientific team. She specializes in Gastrointestinal and Gynecologic Pathology. Request a consultation.

        hands hold ipad in a clinical setting

        Quanum Electronic Health Record (EHR)

        View and securely share patient history: lab results, prescriptions and with our Certified Quanum EHR, the entire patient chart. Enjoy mobile access and, ePrescribe from many devices including the iPhone® and iPad®.