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        Toxicology Tests
        Female health care professional listening to patient

        Clinical Toxicology deals with the identification of chemical, drugs, or toxins that effect patients and helps guide clinicians in predicting future toxic effects, confirming a different diagnosis, or guiding a therapy. Look into our testing of valproic acid, phenytoin, and carbamazepine.

        Results, Reporting & Services
        Three healthcare professionals looking at results on clipboard

        Quest Diagnostics offers results in a variety of reporting methods to make the information easily accessible to the physician in a timely manner. Learn more about our priority result reporting methods, confidentiality, and our communication method. Read more.

        Workplace Testing
        Female doctor discussing chart with businessman

        Employer Solutions, a division of Quest Diagnostics, is the industry leader in pre- and post-employment drug screening services, background screening, employee health management and OSHA testing solutions.

        Male employee with glasses

        Les Edinboro, MS, PhD, DABFT

        Dr. Les Edinboro is part of our medical and scientific team. He received a PhD in pathology with a concentration in forensic/clinical toxicology and an MS in pharmacology and toxicology.

        physician looking at hand-held device and patient sitting on exam table

        Toxciology Test Offering

        For further information on toxicology testing and resources for educational purposes visit our resources tab for international, federal, and state aids.

        Male employee

        “Real Physicians Speak Out,” Video

        Physicians discuss prescription drug abuse. Topics include chronic pain, diversion and solutions to help monitor patients and track compliance.

        Physician accessing information on computer

        Educational Resources

        Our online webinars, presentations, and medical papers can provide up-to-date research and information to help you manage your patients. Visit our Education Center.