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        Assessing diabetes risk

        Identify insulin resistance, prediabetes, and diabetes risk early and in more patients to help prevent disease progression.

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        Making a differential diagnosis of diabetes
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        Our tests can help you form an accurate, differential diagnosis, even for hard-to-diagnose patients.

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        Monitoring diabetes patients
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        Our diabetes testing panels can help make it easy for you to follow ADA recommendations for testing.

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        Dr Mcphaul headshot

        Dr. Michael McPhaul

        Medical Director for Endocrinology and Metabolism

        Dr. McPhaul taught at UT Southwestern Medical Center for 25 years and has also published extensively, including 95 peer-reviewed manuscripts and 22 reviews and book chapters. He serves as editor-in-chief for the Journal of Investigative Medicine and the Journal of Investigative Medicine High Impact Case Reports.

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        Diabetes Webinar 1

        Diabetes and hypertension management webinar

        Learn more about the relationship between diabetes and hypertension, the diagnosis, treatment, and management of the disease, and appropriate use of laboratory testing.

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        Quest NAFLD abridged webinar thumbnail

        NAFLD fibrosis score webinar

        Learn about nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and what makes the NAFLD Fibrosis Score an important tool in the management of type 2 diabetes.

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        Quest Diagnostics monogenic webinar thumbnail

        Monogenic diabetes webinar

        Understand how to distinguish monogenic diabetes from other types of diabetes, the clinical value of its accurate diagnosis, and testing options.

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