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        Insights from our arthritis and autoimmune expert

        Expert insights on testing for autoimmune diseases

        Read an article from Stanley J. Naides, MD, on novel blood tests for rheumatoid arthritis and the need for more RA biomarkers. He discusses the pathogenetic mechanism of a new biomarker, 14.3.3 eta, and its efficacy as a diagnostic tool able to differentiate RA from other inflammatory diseases.

        Target: Autoimmune diseases

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        Learn about disease types and symptoms, and our commitment to helping patients affected by autoimmune conditions.

        Your trusted testing partner

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        Quest testing can help you reach a differential diagnosis that identifies the type and nature of your patient’s autoimmune disease.

        Learn more about autoimmune diseases

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        You’ll find testing information, webinars, CME programs, publications and other valuable resources for clinicians.