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        Insights from our arthritis and autoimmune expert

        Insights from our arthritis expert

        Read an article from Stanley J. Naides, MD, on novel blood tests for rheumatoid arthritis and the need for more RA biomarkers. He discusses the pathogenetic mechanism of a new biomarker, 14.3.3 eta, and its efficacy as a diagnostic tool able to differentiate RA from other inflammatory diseases.

        Focus on arthritis

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        Trust Quest Diagnostics for a differential diagnosis that improves your decision-making for patients with arthritis.

        Test, identify and treat arthritis

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        Rely on quest for a faster diagnosis of arthritic conditions, including RF, CCP Ab, 14-3-3 eta, CRP, ESR, gout, HLA-B*5801, HLA-B27 and HLA-B51.

        Find out more about arthritis

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        Our resource library features cutting-edge information on arthritis and autoimmune diseases, including webinars, publications, CME programs and more.