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        Daughter kissing mother on cheek

        MyQuest helps you monitor your family's health with My Circle

        If you’re a parent or a caregiver, it’s important to stay connected to your loved ones’ health and support them in making healthy decisions.

        The My Circle feature in your MyQuest account makes it possible to request your family’s permission to setup and access their appointments and test results.

        MyQuest on a mobile device

        Who belongs in My Circle?

        Many different family and caregiver situations are perfect for My Circle. You may:

        • Have dependent children
        • Look after aging parents
        • Serve as a caregiver or legal guardian
        • Need someone to serve as your caregiver
        Grandmother drawing on floor with granddaughter

        Already have a MyQuest account? Start growing your circle today.

        Depending on your relationship, there are several ways to make someone part of your circle through MyQuest.

        Request to be someone’s caregiver

        Request to be someone’s caregiver

        Register someone as your caregiver

        Register someone as your caregiver

        Create a dependent account

        Create a dependent account

        Log in to MyQuest to add loved ones to the My Circle feature.

        Why add loved ones to My Circle?

        My Circle allows you to schedule appointments for those in your care and manage their test results, but there’s so much more.

        You’ll be able to easily access important information they might need, including during emergencies.

        Daughter taking picture of grandmother with baby

        You can also share their information with doctors and medical staff for certain situations, like needing test results to obtain medication.

        Next steps

        Sign up for MyQuest Sign in to your MyQuest account

        Add loved ones to My Circle Add loved ones to My Circle

        Schedule an appointment Schedule their appointment online