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        Clinical Trials

        Quest Diagnostics supports clinical trials and academic studies with leading laboratory and specimen collection services.

        Q2 Solutions
        Launched in 2015, Q² Solutions is a leading global clinical trials laboratory services organization. We help biopharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics customers improve human health through innovation that transforms science and data into actionable medical insights.

        Q² Solutions is a quality driven, responsive partner with strong global experience and deep scientific and medical expertise. The Q² Solutions joint venture was formed by Quintiles and Quest Diagnostics, combining the best of each parent organization’s clinical trials laboratory services capabilities. To learn more about Q² Solutions, please visit www.Q2LabSolutions.com.


        Result\View™: Online Reporting Tools

        Rv Monitor

        Access your study data via our state-of-the-art online reporting tools. Result\View™ gives you the ability to access important study data with flexibility and ease


        ExamOne mobile specimen collections

        ExamOne, a Quest Diagnostics company, helps drive clinical trial and academic study participation with patient-centric specimen collections, flexible inventory and supply management, and comprehensive participant scheduling methods.

        Mobile and in-center specimen collections give studies nationwide reach and support better participation. Whether your participant population is spread across the country or you’re operating a virtual trial, ExamOne’s robust mobile phlebotomy network can help obtain the health data you need without sacrificing participant convenience.

        Learn more at ExamOne.com/Clinical-Research.