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        Our Products & Services

        Quest Diagnostics is driven to discover and deliver diagnostic insights and innovations that help to improve human health. We offer a wide range of products and services that benefit patients, healthcare providers, and pharmaceutical medical device companies, life insurance companies and employers.

        Laboratory professional working with a microscope

        Diagnostic Testing Services

        We are the world’s leading provider of diagnostic testing, information and services that patients and doctors need to make better healthcare decisions. Our services range from routine blood tests — such as total cholesterol, Pap testing and white blood cell count — to complex, gene-based and molecular testing.


        We perform medical tests that aid in the diagnosis or detection of diseases, measure the progress or recovery from a disease or confirm that an individual is free from disease. We have specialized expertise in cancer, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, and neurology.


        More about our testing services:
        Quest Diagnostics
        Athena Diagnostics
        Dermpath Diagnostics

        Three people wearing lab coats; laboratory professionals

        Clinical Trials Testing

        Launched in 2015, Q2 Solutions is a leading global clinical trials laboratory services organization. We help biopharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics customers improve human health through innovation that transforms science and data into actionable medical insights.

        Q2 Solutions is a quality driven, responsive partner with strong global experience and deep scientific and medical expertise. The Q2 Solutions joint venture was formed by Quintiles and Quest Diagnostics, combining the best of each parent organization's clinical trials laboratory services capabilities.


        To learn more about Q2 Solutions, please visit www.Q2LabSolutions.com.

        physician using tablet computer

        Healthcare IT

        Over 200,000 physicians use our Quanum™ suite of technology and analytics solutions to order lab tests, receive timely test results, share clinical information quickly and securely, and prescribe drugs. Currently used to process over one million transactions every day and capable of electronic interconnectivity, Quanum is a vital part of the national healthcare information infrastructure.

        Learn More about Healthcare IT

        small group of professional employees

        Wellness and Risk Management

        We help employers and insurers improve the health of their workers and reduce illegal drug use in the workplace. In fact, we’re a leading provider of programs to promote wellness and the prevention of disease. By conducting lab testing-based health assessments for common conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, we enable people to better manage their health. We are the leading provider of risk assessment services to the life insurance industry.
        Quest Diagnostics

        More about Wellness and Risk Management